Benefits of Annual Maintenance Contract

The Day you think to grow your business online and get customers from across the world, two things become your priority, first is to set up a mobile-friendly website secondly make customer interact with the mobile application.

But do you think that once a website and mobile application get live then your job is done?

Well, I don’t think so that when you have purchased your first vehicle, the way you have thought as you think after getting live of mobile application and website.


Even, when we planned to purchase our vehicle we must have asked about the Servicing. You well understand, for the longevity of the vehicle, servicing is required, which include change of engine oil, washing and have a look over all the features working.

In the same way, just to build and website and live a mobile application is not your last responsibility toward your online existence. You have to manually check and update it.

By the way, you want to make a presence on the digital world which is known to be the most dynamic world where nothing is permanent. So, sorry to say but it’s just the beginning of the game.

To remove this headache of yours and make sure you focused more on your business growth there is a contract, named as “Annual Maintenance Contract

annual maintenance contract

Annual Maintenance Contract is an agreement between service providing company and owner of the company, where Service provider company like Walkter Beacon Lab has the accountability of solving all the raised obstacle and give prior notice to the owner about rehabilitating of the online asset.

Duration of the Annual Maintenance contract varies from companies to companies and service to service. Some have 6 months validation for particular service and other has 1-year validation for specific service. Some provide service in the form of package.

Let’s now witness a “Why or What benefits of Annual Maintenance Contract”?


1. One-Time Payment



a. Should I pay each time to service providing company to troubleshoot issues which have been triggered on the system?

b. How much does it cost each time?

many more….

Don’t worry, we understand your value and providing our service annually with One-time Payment. Deposit a particular amount once in a year and be relax. Once you handover your asset to us, it’s our responsibility to solve all the issues no matter how many times in a year.

2. Expert Vision


You have spent a lot on building an online presence through a website and mobile application. I don’t think so that you prefer to go to any ordinary service for just to save a few bucks, but your priority is to get the best service from a field expert.

This is what also our priority to provide the best service to our customers because we focused to generate value among the customers. At Walkter Beacon Lab, you will find a special cell for a special question.

3. Emergency Support


As mentioned earlier, you have made a presence in the most dynamic world. Where anything gets changed or get updated overnight. You never know what next update is about, but you have to move along with. These circumstances call for emergency support.

But if you have a contract with Walkter Beacon Lab, then this circumstance will not that strong to stop you from flourishing your business. We are always ready with our team to support you and to overcome or update the whole asset of yours as per techno demands.

Quick Wrap Up


As you have analysed that Annual maintenance Contract is meant to save your money, save your applications from jargon and update it with techno trends which ultimately helps you to create value among your customers as we do because we are counted among the best annual maintenance service provider.

If you have any query, please drop a comment or you can directly reach us through mail or on phone. You have another option to view our services from our LinkedIn profile. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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