IT Solutions for the Construction and Real Estate Industry

Developing refined IT solutions for the Construction and Real Estate industry.

The construction industry is not only facing major international challenges but also experiencing a noticeable decline in the investment of public construction in the developed and emerging markets. But the fact that demographic change and associated global trends such as urbanization also offer great opportunities for the construction industry cannot be sidelined. As it is taking stock of the relevant issues of the future, such as sustainable construction and rising demand in developing and emerging countries.

Today the need of the hour is to expand the traditional core areas of design and construction with aspects such as financing, marketing, and service. Are we decisive enough to cooperate between material suppliers, planners, architects, and investors and empower them with intelligent concepts and solutions?

Do you agree that progressive digitisation in all areas of life act like both the driver of these challenges and the key to their solution?

construction and real estate industry

Yes, It accelerates business processes, revolutionizes the market and opens creative possibilities.

Contemporary business processes for quite some time have been supported by a plethora of digital tools like customer relations, warehouse management, telecommunications, daily office processes, financial management, and logistics through to strategic business decisions. There is no area that is not benefitting from highly specialized software solutions. But what needs to be checked and overlooked whether all these solutions are optimally aligned to work in concert, creating added value through the intelligent provision and processing of information.

New ideas for the workplace of the present and future.

Companies although have a wide range of information systems, they generally lack integrated information management. The various systems work without direct reference to the work context in which they are used and also operate separately. However, in order to stay in the forefront of digital transformation, a modern working environment is the need of the hour which will not only provide the relevant information for important decisions but also sincerely and precisely support tasks and workflows.

Walkter Beacon Lab enables you to benefit from the following advantages:

  • Proven dynamic business functionality
  • A wide spectrum of applications including seamless and coherent Office integration
  • The latest software technology
  • Investment security and future-proofing
  • Mobility: PC/Mac/tablet/smartphone
  • Modern, user-friendly interface
  • The high degree of flexibility and scalability
  • Designed for international requirements
  • A wide variety of licensing and deployment models


Walkter Beacon Lab provides end to end construction software solutions are based on the most advanced technology. These solutions turn the workplace into the hub of your digital enterprise, providing every individual member of staff with optimum support for their respective tasks




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