Cost to build an app like Uber

For people who live in large cosmopolitan cities with heavy traffic, lack of parking space and who refuse to own cars would be in favour of rideshare services like Uber. This kind of high demand for personal car rides makes entrepreneurs think about how to make an app like Uber and successfully launch it in both local markets and worldwide.

It is a rideshare and taxi service headquartered in San Francisco, United States (U.S.) and operates in multiple international cities. It uses a smartphone application to receive ride requests, and then it sends these trip requests to the designated drivers.

It’s rideshare services operating in 375 cities worldwide, provides a 24-hour/per-day on-demand network between riders and drivers through Android, iOS, and Windows Phone apps. It uses the phone’s GPS capability and a cashless approach to reach out to its millions of satisfied customers.

One needs to be completely into UI/UX Design, web & mobile app development agency and specialized in mobile app innovation and strategy in order to create an App like Uber. The integration of full-fledged business solutions, establishing a strong online presence and maximizing your ROI are the prerequisites of the state of the art App like Uber.

Uber App has created quite a stir and there has been a growing demand for Uber-like clone applications among entrepreneurs around the globe., Uber-like app development will definitely work for entrepreneurs and transport companies as well. The market for ride-sharing apps is growing vast by the minute and most companies are trying to be at par with the Uber App when it comes to tremendous service and accessibility. 

Cost to build an app like Uber

Companies like Uber have received worldwide recognition and are role models for the ones who are climbing the ladder of success. So to create an app, it’s important to understand and comprehend the company’s approach to technology and business processes. For this one needs to find out how to create an app like Uber and how much it costs. 

Revenue Models for an Uber-like App: Uber does not own a fleet of cars but rather earns its profit acting as a mediator by bringing drivers and passengers together.

The passenger App has some important features, such as:

Register/login page

One can integrate via social media for registering or via email. 

Booking interface

A screen where the user will input their travel data and book a cab for an immediate ride or book one for later. You may message to contact the driver and confirm the details like exact pickup point etc.

Fare calculator

This allows you to estimate the cost of the ride before booking a cab.

Driver’s rating and reviews

Customers can give feedback on the driver, the trip, and the vehicle.


Users are given the provision to securely store their credit cards for one-click checkout.

Push notifications

These notifications deliver the necessary information on their ride for e.g. – car model, colour, number on the plate and ETA and keep the user updated on the booking progress. 

Ride history

This gives you the details of the previous trips and receipts, and also allows you to re-book the same ride in one click (e.g. for the standard work-to-home commute).

Likewise, even some of the driver app features also help in creating transparency like the license and tax number when they register. 

The admin Panel of Uber is robust all the in-app activity. It offers a quick overview of all the processes; gives suggestions on the best navigation for drivers and trips; manages revenues and payrolls and lastly collects data on the clientele for further enhancements. 

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