Cost to build an effective app like Ola in India

When you have some innovative idea to stand out in the market, especially online. Then the first thing you focused on app development, how much it cost to build an app. As you have come to cross many apps and you keep these as a reference, so, now the next question is how much it cost to build an effective app like ola in India.

Taxis have become a part and parcel of our daily grind and if booking taxis via an app is possible then the common man can take a breath. Companies like Uber and Ola set out with this idea and made a billion-dollar mobile app business with millions of daily customer need. So let us analyze and estimate about Taxi app development cost for its features and functionality.

Apps are made to help customers get solutions by studying competitors and defining a business model. For developing an app like Ola, the cost may change depending on various facts – the geographical area, rundown of highlights, sort of taxi application extensive organization, committed application designers etc. Above all such administration will require making two interfaces – one for a user’s and one for cab drivers.

Many companies and organizations that we know today were not created overnight, likewise, even many taxi apps, especially like Ola, was not an overnight success. Ola had to go through a stringent process to accomplish themselves and it definitely cost a massive amount to build the app. The pricing will depend on the features and complexities in the backend. The focus areas to develop an app would be to have a strategy, do research, develop an app in both native (iOS and Android) & web app development, mobile optimization and client workforce augmentation.

In order to understand how an app is made and why the pricing is justifiable, there are few features that need to be considered:


To operate the application, customers should enlist their records and additionally use a payment method from their mobile application. For money handling purpose, base like Stripe/Braintree might be connected.


Customers need to pin the address on the guide or through Google Places.
Selecting taxi type: Users have to be competent to pick the vehicle of their need and points of interest of the excursion like cost per km, cost by a moment and in addition least toll for each sort of the mode of conveyance.

Cost calculator

A gadget is required that would deal with the admission cost by computing a separation in purposes of pickup and drop.

Live to track

When the customers embark on their journey, they can refresh the taxi live from their application from start to finish.

Automatic Payment

Every payment is cashless, so when the excursion is performed, and the user has completed the ride consequently through instalment foundation’s API, the bill is sent to the cell phone and to an enrolled email address. Moreover, customers can use a different mode of payments attached to the framework.

Ratings and feedback

Customers need to give feedback after every ride for the purpose of auditing of their experience. These ratings and feedback are useful for creating administration conveyance to clients.
Booking history: The portable application for using taxi services empowers clients to look into their booking history.

Average Timeframe

The average time required developing a basic taxi booking app with above list driver and with user features both in Android and iOS technologies along with custom backend is 8 to 10 Weeks.

The development team consists of the following:
UX/UI Designer
iOS Developer
Android Developer
Backend Developer
Project Manager
QA Engineer

So, now you get an idea that to build an app like ola is not a one-person or one day game. It’s a hard work of months and there are many test and trial form that goes into the bin then an app like ola is generated.

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