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5 reason why you should Digitize your records

Digitization has transformed every edge of the enterprise world. So, now its time for the digitization of enterprise records.

Let us first define What is the digitization of Records

Digitization of Records is a process of converting any hard copy or non-digital records into digital format. Source: Gov. Office Records

5 reason why you should Digitize your records.


Do you know what your loss you have bearded unknowingly?

Presenting you with some statistics of enterprise losses due to traditional records.

1. Searching files: On the average employee spent 30%-40% of the time in the searching file.

2. Data Loss: Paper Records lead to 67% of data loss. An organization losses document every 11 seconds.

3. Misplaced File: 3%-5% of files are misplaced.

4. Space Occupied: Average 12,000 file cabinets required. Which took 9-10sq. feet space.

5. Money loss: On average $1259.36 an enterprise loss per year.

Now, you can guess your financial calamity without digitizing your records till now you have faced.

Advantages of digitization of records:


1. Increased productivity: Digitization of records can save approximately 12-15 min. of your employee. That will ultimately help your employees and you to increase productivity.

2. Cost Efficiency: To maintain a record on paper, need a lot of extra expenses, as printing cost, machinery cost. By digitizing your paper records, you can save these expenses.

3. Easy to access: Digitisation of records is easily accessible. As all database is stored in a cloud, with few clicks you can access all the records of your customers.

4. Security: Records are precious. Because for you to grow your company, It’s important to keep it safe. You can secure your records and those whom you give access can only use it.

5. Calamity Recovery: You never know what will happen and when. Physical records can be stolen or destroyed by natural calamity that causes a serious disaster for your company. So it’s better to be one step further and take a precaution by digitizing your records.

 Off course, It seems by the above explanation that, all industries deadly need to digitize their records. 

In fact, yes they need But again How and what specialize benefit enterprises get. 

 Below I have mentioned the top 4 enterprises, who are benefited by digitizing their records in the following manner.

Digitization Healthcare Records:


Digitisation of healthcare, records are not only beneficial for Doctors but also bring a revolution in patients’ lives. In medical terms, it’s called Electronic Medical Records.

  • Piles of Paper: To prescribe any medicine to a patient, Doctors need to know the patient’s health history and Patients also need to carry a long pile of papers. Some of the patients’ paper is either its writing gets fade or paper get degrade.
  • Space: Hospitals need enough space to keep patients’ records.
  • Filtration: Filtering active and inactive patients’ records.
  • Through EMR you can directly and at once mail to your patients.
  • Accessible and Readability: It will not fade with time and easily readable.


 Digitization of Law Records:


 A law firm is included in one of the 5 firms of a state, without which it’s difficult to put a base of the nation.

 Hence, the era has arrived to integrate law firms with innovation and include more transparency in it and it can be done with digitizing laws records of Digitization of Law records

  • Once you digitize your records, then there is no need to carry paper and it allows you to work from your best location or while travelling.
  • Digitization of Records also secures your records from getting a steal.
  • AI and deep machine learning will expand decision making, data analysis and all help you to grow exponentially.


 Digitization of Logistics Records: 


Art and science of obtaining, producing, and distributing materials and products in the proper place and proper quantities, called Logistics.

 By definition of logistics, it is clear that to get an ideal outcome, you should make a strategic record. 

 Let’s take an example.

Once Products are delivered from the manufacturing industry before it meets customers it goes to multiple processes. As a warehouse, dealers, distributors, sellers, reseller and all.

 It becomes very difficult to maintain records and keep tracking on it. But once you digitize your industry problem can be solved in a minute. 

You can easily access it, track it, count it and strategies for the next level.


Digitization of Real Estate Records: 


Let’s come to real estate, which is considered to be more expensive and loss of record is like a dare to dream.

According to India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), the Indian real estate market is expected to touch USD 180 Billion by 2020. With this huge number, real estate contributes 5%-6% in GDP Of India. OR Behind any country growth, Real estate plays a remarkable role.

 Real estate is that sector, where the owner doesn’t have an option to think twice while considering the digitization of their records Because of the following reasons.

  • You can digitizes your map location, documents, scales records.
  • It also makes your work easy because of the online approval option.
  • It brings more transparency to your real estate business.
  • By Digitising your real estate records, you can update your land manually and get info on your other land records.


From whichever industry you belong to, to keep your records, updated, accessible, readable, secure, and cost-effective. You should digitize your business. 

For any query, Walkter Beacon Lab is always there for you. Digitize your records and share your experience with us. 




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