Increase 40% of sale by digitizing your organisation.

At least 40% of all businesses will die in the next 10 years… If they don’t figure out how to change their entire company to accommodate new technologies.” — JOHN CHAMBERS, EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN, CISCO SYSTEM

Yes, you read it write. 40% of businesses will collapse in the coming years.

So, what next. How you can save your organisation and how you can increase your SALES?

No doubt, this piece of paper has been designed to give you a straight away solution of “How you will increase 40% of sales by digitizing your organisation”.

Let me tell you the reason why sales are NOT happening as before, and the one and the only reason is your customers are more upgraded now. Now customers don’t like to visit a shop one by one, not because they are being lazy, but because of too-tight schedule. Now customers don’t go for oral recommendation, but now they prefer to see virtual customer satisfaction.

Now just answer yourself, is your organisation upgraded as your customer’s desire/demands.

No. – Your Answer

Digitization of the organisation is the one-shot solution of all.

digitizing your organisation

 Advantages of digitization of organisation

20th era has come up with the reversible way of doing marketing. Its means you can’t expect customers to visit your shop but now you have to visit them to make a business and this will only happen when you have a digital presence. Until and unless, you don’t digitize your organisation, you can’t see your business to grow.

Let me tell you in detail.

1. Advantages of Digitization

Accelerate productivity Digitization helps you to evaluate the production or manufacturing process, analyse in-demand market trends and based on its analysis, you will be allowed to do a forecast, which not only makes your productivity strong for today but also makes you prepared for upcoming scenario.

2. Improve customer satisfaction

As mentioned above, to increase productivity, now you have to reach to your customers and the statistics say, 3.5 Billion people have a smartphone and spend around 5-6hrs of a day in operating it. Hence, this makes an open opportunity for every entrepreneur to establish direct communication with customers and as a result, you will able to add more trust among them and satisfy with your services.

3. Organised Internal process

Digitization empowers the organisation with systematics and organised internal process. You can easily relate the organisation’s service with a quote “You cannot serve right if you haven’t done your homework right.” Employee and database are the two main assets of any organisation. So, its responsibility of every entrepreneur to have a proper system that facilitates a better objective for both.

Digitization has transformed the world in numerous aspect and modern technologies are changing the way of interaction with customers. Organizations, whatever the size or industry, must be prepared to address their new clients’ issues and requests. Innovation and digitization have opened additional opportunities to improve their creation forms, how to situate themselves in the market and how to speak with their clients.

Next concern is What comes under Digitization, from where to start, what all need to digitize and many more. Let’s go step by step.


How to make Digital Presence


1. Website Creation

You have to take an initiative with website creation. As per the report, 45% of the organisation worldwide has its website. Website is the first outlet of any organisation where all the essentials are subjects are mentioned, like who are you, what are the services you provide, your contact details, customers testimonials and many others, depending on the organisation needs. Traditionally you have limitation but once you have your own website you don’t have to restrict yourself. You can let your customers know more and more about your services and features.

2. App creation

Building an application provides your customer’s mobility and user-friendly dashboard. Only 15-20% of businesses have their application, which provides you with better exposure to your customers and to compete with your competitor. The mobile application enables the world to get things done in a few steps, this is what demands of customers in this modern world.

3. Resource Management Dashboard

To run an organisation efficiently, many departments are involved. It may be a production department, warehouse department, finance department, quality testing department, hr department, planning and execution department, sales department. In short per day, hundreds of data are being exchanged in between all departments and of course, it’s a complete headache to maintain data on manually in a traditional way.

To overcome this, ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning software has been designed. It provide you with a dashboard with all the features, it helps to maintain transparency and save 60% of your productive time. Whether it’s a manufacturing,FMCG, travel, food and beverage industry or any other industry. ERP is one step business solution and must be one reason for digiting your organisation.

4. Customer Dashboard

Sometimes it’s really difficult to remember each customers prospect. What they have asked, what was their experience, what they need next. In short customer buying behaviour. It’s okay to do things if you have a handful of customers but it will quite be confusing to do things manually when you have n-numbers of customers.

Don’t you feel, there should be a one who always is by your side and keep updates to you about your customers. Indeed CRM, customer relationship management is a marvellous reason for digitizing your organisation.

5. Annual Maintenance Contract

No doubt things are changing rapidly. New features need to be added, old features need to remove. But it doesn’t mean you have to replace your whole application. Changes can be possible with altering some codes. It means you have to keep in mind about the renovation of your digital presence in the same way you renovate your business. For this, you have AMC, Annual maintenance contract. AMC is contact between the service provider and service holder. Where all features are being upgraded as per customer buying behaviour, which leads you to succeed in the market.

Quick wrap-up

The digitization of organisation isn’t an objective, yet an approach to improve business the executives and increment efficiency. At present, digitization isn’t a choice, yet a need on the off chance that you need your organization to be effective. Because of the persistent and quick innovative change, the market has drastically developed. Shoppers have changed their propensities, needs, wants, methods for conveying and expending. If you cannot peruse and comprehend this new situation, all the cash spent on the best innovation and applications won’t have any kind of effect for your association.

Hope you got a better idea about the advantages of digitization and this writing also play a valuable role in digitizing your organisation. For any info feel free to contact us or visit our page.

Good Luck.

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