5 features of ERP in the FMCG Industry

ERP has been proved as the biggest reason for generating revenue in the industry like FMCG, Retail, Healthcare, construction, Real Estate, Manufacturing and many others. With ever-changing customer demands and to sustain among competitor, Enterprise Resource Planning- ERP in the FMCG industry has been turned out as a most confidential resource.

erp in the fmcg industry

From Inventory Management to Customer Management, Supply chain to Quality Testing likewise, many functions are there which has to be performed on a daily basis efficiently. If any of the processes go wrong, it will cause huge financial and moral loss to the enterprise. When its term to the FMCG- Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry, which operates on high volume and medium to low margin, any small negligence raised a reassurance tag on the product. In 2015 controversy over Maggie can be a perfect example which not only is a reason for a financial loss but also lost trust among the customers. So, to tackle and wipe out all the instinctively error ERP is designed.

ERP system gives speedy, straightforward, and solid administration arrangement needed to run organizations efficiently.

5 Features of ERP in the FMCG Industry


1. Improve Inventory Management

Stock is a momentous organ of FMCG Industry. Having command over it empowers you with stock to meet expected orders while evacuating its ample. ERP software notifies these challenges very precisely. The system stores thorough data about every single product accessible in stock to guarantee users more precisely what things are stored in the stock and what should be re-supplied. Additionally, the instrument helps demand estimate by understanding the customers buying behaviours, thus ERP empowering you to customise the stock to fulfil the up and coming needs.

2. Customer Relationship Management

Customers love personalised marketing and it is one of the key factors for booming and glooming of any industry. An ERP software empowered with the customer management tool that encourages enterprise to deal with and beat challenges and provide better customer experience.

As referenced before, an ERP framework catches all data, including customer buying behaviour. These data can be used to break down customers purchasing patterns, which would permit you to provide the best deal with their needs and furnish them with a sincerely personalised shopping experience.

3. Supply chain management

With regards to Supply Chain Management (SCM), organizations need to interact with various providers and partners to get the product’s raw materials and resources expected to put up completed products for sale. ERP plays an important role in resisting any oversight, eradicating waste and ensuring human workflow in better endeavours. The integration of the two systems will present remarkable growth in the industry

4. Quality testing

Quality of the product is the reason for consideration over other products. So, it not meant to be messed. A small oversight can be proved as a disaster. Always remember, Customers, don’t like brands they love its products compositions.

In this scenario, ERP software permits you with the Quality testing appliance to a have through the info of the quality of the product before delivering it to the market.

5. Industry Workflow

FMCG industry is counted among the sizable industry. Hence the data gathered from different subdivisions, for example, Inventory, customer, quality testing, finance, and different processes. Ongoing accurate and important data can empower the administration to settle on fast and informed business decisions.

The ERP system gathers all these data in a solitary coordinated application. The single database empowers simple accessibility to the information and encourages organizations to plan better to confront the challenge, change in requests, and other unexcepted interruptions. Once more, superior planning implies more grounded control which progresses organizations towards generating more revenue.

Walkter Beacon Lab empowers FMCG companies with the best ERP system with all the features that give momentous growth and to compete.

Contact us and let us insight you with what others feature your enterprise required for resource planning.


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