3 Ways Face Recognition Application Can Ease Your Pain

Whenever any new technology set a foot into the market, People go crazy about using innovation. A year passes, Mobile company introduce iPhone X with a unique feature of unlocking the phone with the scanning face of the mobile owner and Facebook company introduces the auto-tagging feature.

You got it. Right!

But the matter of concern is What technology is this and how it recognizes people by their face?

Well, this article is all about this technology itself.

So, stay tuned with us.

What is Face Recognition Application?


Yes, you heard Right.

This technology is called Face Recognition Application and still is not quite popular in the whole universe.

Well, you might wonder why it is not so popular if social media like Facebook are using this. As I said, we are more focused on experiencing not on learning.

Only a few countries are using it, namely the US, China, and the UK but many developing countries are also in the row of adapting Face Recognition Application.

Now you’re aware of this term. So, let’s learn another section of Facial Recognition Application and i.e.,

How Facial Recognition Application works?


Or you can say how Facial recognition identifies people’s faces?

This application works on faceprint just like a fingerprint. Each person has a unique face and finger scaling.

Face recognition is a technique of mapping a dimension of face. It calculates the distance between forehead and chin, width and length of noses, eye, depth of eyesight and check socket.

Till now this application can calculate 38 nodal points with accuracy. Then faceprint used to do a comparison between stored image data with a live one.

Amazing point is that there is a 98% chance of accuracy.

  • 3D Recognition


After reading the above content you must think of Is Face Recognition Application only able to recognize profile image (Front view).

Well, this is a genuine query and it was one of the hurdles while working on this Application.

And the answer is “NO”.

Gratefully, there is some system that will address the 3D profile of a person and use a censor that calculates the distance between person and camera.

face recognition application image.jpg

Isn’t interesting.

  • Skin Texture Analysis:


However, there is another confusion.

Whether this application is able to identify twins. Because twins are look-alike, their distance between forehead and chin, width and length of the nose, eye and eyesight, etc. all looks the same.

Of Course, Yes.

This application can distinguish between twins too. Because it also measures the pores between the skin, and this is called Skin Texture Analysis.

twin face recognition application.jpg

  • Face Recognition Combining


As we said this technique able to recognize you by measuring your face dimension.

But what if a person makes some changes in their face according to fashion.

What if boys make some changes with their moustache and beard?

What if girls shaped their eyebrows in different as it was not stored in this application before?

What if people wear some accessories like Sunglasses?

Will this application applicable in these circumstances?

The answer is “Yes”.

This the advantage of Face Recognition combining technique, that makes Face Recognition Application insensitive with facial expression, even it has the ability to recoup of changes in faces due to the growth of moustache or having sunglasses.

So, till now we have discussed, How Face Recognition Application Works. Now, Let’s jump into its another section, ie,

Where Face Recognition Application can be used?

Face Recognition Application can be used in the following:



1.  Airport: This application is installed in the airport to scan people face while departing and help to minimize unlawful act.

2. Police Station: Face Recognition Application helps cobs to recognize criminals and to find out their criminal history.

3. Business/Home: Face Recognition Application help to notify the owner by distinguishing employee/friends and strangers.

ID verification:


Face Recognition Application can be used for the purpose of ID verification in bank ICOs and E-commerce.

 Face ID:


Many Apple and Androids phones are implementing this application to unlock the phone.

Social Media Channels also already implemented this application. It used to be active while uploading photos and tag yourself and your friends.

Wait, this is not the end. There are many corners in the universe where face recognition application works as a boon.

To know more and how it is going to help you. Please feel free to reach us.

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Comment down and let us know your ideas about the Face Recognition Application.

Good Luck.





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