Hospitality Solution to Augment Your Niche

Let’s have a quick look at the latest hospitality technological advancement.

Improved lifestyle, growing consumer and cultural awareness has indeed brought good tidings for the hospitality industry. However the challenge today is to captivate and uphold loyal guests through multiple channels both online and offline – social media or print marketing degree of servicing excellence, guest referrals, websites, often spells the difference between success and failure in this sector.

We believe that the hospitality industry is going through an interesting phase with an absolute focus on providing great service to their customers especially in the online arena. Our solutions help your business to adopt technology to your benefit, thereby making it an attractive proposition to the prospering online audience. The need of the hour is to tap into the wide social media ecosystem and generate a sustained level of interest that attracts guests whom you would like to refer your services over your peers.

Our team has been instrumental in suggesting and implementing IT solutions and leveraging technologies that have proved to be a game-changer for your dynamic industry.

1. Mobile Apps Development

Walkter Beacon has developed mobile app solutions that work entirely for your dynamic hospitality industry with a focus on improving the connection between you and guests in a way that becomes a win-win situation for both. We provide solutions on major platforms such as iOS and Android.

2. Software Development Services

We have proven capabilities in building software solutions with the necessary components. Whether it is online checking of availability or booking, guests reviewing hotel features or maintenance of all-around hospitality CRM modules for hotels, Walkter Beacon Lab has been conducive in conceiving ideas that have ensured end to end resolutions and allow you to stay one step ahead of the competition at all times and enjoy continuous loyalty from their existing guests.

3. UX Design Services

UX design is said to be a key component for delivering high-end mobile apps and software that gain you the top seat in the industry. The success of a product depends on classic, elegant and clutter-free designs. Walkter Beacon offers research-based design, attractive and exquisite user interface that can complement the suave nature of the hospitality industry. Our design experience comes across very vividly in the form of beautiful, entertaining yet highly impactful hospitality solutions.

Solutions offered by Walkter Beacon Lab

  • Providing all-round and simple solutions for good customer experience by getting a real-time update about hotel occupancy, easy check-in, check-out and facility to change preferences as per customer’s needs
  • Agility in managing, retrieving and utilizing guest information, details and records
  • Exceptional social media visibility
  • Designing, developing and deploying a viable framework that enhances client proficiency at a fraction of the costs
  • Furnishing bespoke solutions around precise business needs
  • Ensuring a ‘Go Green’ system for a better future

Walkter Beacon Lab is always at par with the ever-changing distribution landscape, personalized experience for the customers, environment-friendly stays and need for actionable insights.

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