Impacts of UI and UX in generating lead

In our previous blog, we have learnt the Top 5 techniques for better user experience(UX). Now in this blog, we’ll learn the Impacts of UI and UX in generating lead.

Whenever we heard the impact of UI and UX then a quick question arises- What’s user experience got to do with conversions?

The answer is – Everything.

Great user experience is not just meant to create happy customers but also to make it a continuous process which should lead to something bigger and better, whether it is sticking around on your social networking site or buying your stuff.

Whenever users land on your website, you are giving them an experience which they should make them come back for more and the quality of their experience has a significant impact on their opinion Getting things right

Firstly we need to understand that there is a fine line between UI (user interface) and UX (user experience). Let us take the example of a car, the look and feel of the car, dashboard and steering wheel is the UI and driving it is the UX. Therefore the interface directly contributes to the experience so the interiors of the car make a better experience than sitting in one but is not experience itself.

Similarly, websites are not just about visual beauty and it’s just one step in the process. In order for a website to make a great first impression, it has to have terrific usability, users should be able to figure out what to do, the forms on the site should work, the error messages should be helpful and the copy on the website should be clear and crisp. 

The experience could be personal and subjective and it is greatly affected by past experiences, personal preferences, mood and a lot of other things that the user might be going through. So how does one design a good experience?

Here’s a simple three-step process to make UI and UX an important tool to generate leads- 

 1. Analyze what is common to all people. Understand how the mind works, how the user view’s websites, what makes people stay on your website for a longer time, how to boost readability, come across as a credible website and so on. There are other aspects also to check if you have that wow factor:

  • Know what is special about your users. 
  • What is that sets your target audience apart from others?
  • How and what are your users trying to get done by using your site or product? 

So basically get domain knowledge about your end users by understanding their purpose for using your product, how they speak about it, their points of reference and so on. 

2. Be empathetic to your users by seeing things from the user’s perspective. If you know the work they want to get done, then you will be in a better decision to make the right decisions. This is an exceedingly important product lifecycle stage as it adds visual value. If done really well then users will want to come back for more.

So the bottom line is that UX and UI are inseparable from business and it can take your business to greater heights.

3. There are many trends that can be followed to create an out of the box virtual presence but it is more important to focus on the target audience than blindly follow the trends. For instance, chatbots or virtual reality solutions would not make much sense for older people as they won’t be able to understand technology. That is why it’s important to keep every kind of audience in mind and convey all the possibilities which user experience and user interface design can give you. 

Great user experiences can prove an asset in generating leads. The success of a product not only depends on utility and usability alone but also on the user experience honeycomb – usable, useful, findable, accessible, credible, valuable and desirable. Then you are much more likely to succeed in the marketplace. 

Well, these are some few ways that will help you to make better UI and UX and to understand the Impacts of UI and UX in generating lead. For the latest update in the technical world stays connected with walkter beacon lab.



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