Inventory Software that will boost healthcare Industry

Healthcare is a profession that deals with personal lives. When a person gets hospitalised, from that time to discharge Hospital administration is a game-changer and of-course for Hospital administration person’s well being is a top-notch priority.

It will be turned as a disaster when a doctor fails to proceed further because of the non-availability of the product. This is when the role of Inventory management in healthcare came into play because Doctor without equipment is like going on vacation with a plan where we know where to go but not sure about how to go?

From bandage and cotton swab to syringes and surgical scissors, a Doctor needs a hundred of equipment to perform a day-to-day operation and shortage of anything cause a major problem.

To get rid of this issue and perform day to day operation smoothly  Walkter Beacon Lab has designed an Inventory management software for hospital administration.

Challenges faced by hospital administration


We know healthcare inventory is a unique activity compared to other industry and challenges which is faced day to day life is a complete headache as its one of the results cause a reduction in productivity. So, to optimise inventory there is need to address the biggest challenges that have been faced, and some of the challenges are:

1. Out and over equipment stock.

2. Drug and Data shortage.

3. Lack of product awareness among employee

4. Manually paper search

5. Misplaced of drugs and equipment.

To come out of it, Inventory management plays a very vital role.

Features of Inventory Management software that will Boost Healthcare Industry


Here are some features of inventory software that automate and streamline inventory operation.

1. Stock Availability: Nothing is annoying to search about products availability manually on paper and turn page and page. This not only kills productive time but also cause distraction.

Inventory management software allows you to keep updated with product availability, only you have to search product name in the search bar and the result will be triggered on your screen. Not only this, but You can also set an alert report to get notification about product status.

2. Administration Report: Along with stock availability feature, You can also keep your eye on the accessibility of your inventory software. Like who checked inventory, at what time, what has been updated by whom, everything. This will help to maintain transparency among the employee and one of the key benefit of that if any of your task assigned person is on leave then other employees (who is assigned in-place of on-leave person) can easily access the report in just a few clicks.

3. Easily Accessible: Misplacing of products is another irrelevant task. It is like you have a product in your stock, but where it is you are not aware. We understand there are numbers of hands and numbers of room to assemble products, so, at the time of requirement, it is not easy to get that on hand.

Don’t worry, we have also considered this problem of yours, and designed software that helps you to easily get the product on the time of emergency without fail. A person who is assigned for the assembling of the product, he has to update the location of the product on software and now it’s good to go.

features of inventory management software

4. Expiration Alert: Expired drug is not only harmful to the consumer but also for hospital administration just term changed. Expired drug cause health issue to consumer and financial issue to administration.

To keep in mind to not to face shortage issue, Drugs has been ordered in surplus and if not used within its live period, it will be wasted. Our inventory management software gives you an option of set alert with product expiry date and you will be notified on our inventory app, our software as well as on mail.

We are sure, this is what you are looking for.

5. Order Control: Another feature is control over the order.

Control over order helps you to manage thing more preciously. Using our order dashboard, you can create a list of products that need to be ordered and its quantity.

Our software also creates a report based on the consumption of drugs in the past 60 days. This will help you to manage your requirement more effectively.



Now we are summing up by giving you a golden overview of Walkter’s Inventory Management Software to streamline your purchasing and inventory.

1. Use one version of the single system across your entire organisation.

2. Adapt quickly to changes in stocking location, inventory sites, PAR levels and more.

3. Increase productivity with real-time, actionable insight accessible form any device.

4. Minimise operational risk with an automated receipt and replenishment requisitions.

5. Gain insight into supply usage patterns to make better contracting and standardisation decisions.

Comment down and let walkter beacon lab to know your view over the same and contact us to know how our Inventory Management software cum app help your organisation to grow.

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