How AI and API upgrade Legacy Framework of Finance Industry?

Faced with unrelenting competition from agile FinTech and other innovation firms, many significant banks are centred around upgrading client support and productivity by putting resources into innovation. As technology innovation brings down the expense of updating legacy frameworks, banks are looking for better approaches to improve their own abilities and expand returns on their IT investment.

This piece of paper has been articulated to provide a better insight into legacy up-gradation in the Finance Industry.

How AI and API upgrade the Legacy Framework of Finance Industry?

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AI – The Legacy Transformer

Artificial Intelligence is the future of banking as it brings the power of advanced data analytics to combat fraudulent transactions and improve compliance. AI algorithm accomplishes anti-money laundering, data-server error in few seconds, which otherwise take hours and days. AI also enables banks to manage huge volumes of data at record speed to derive valuable insights from it and abolish from being a witness of data-crash. AI will not only empower banks by automating its knowledge workforce, but it will also make the whole process of automation intelligent enough to do away with cyber risks and competition from FinTech players.

API – The Digital Wrapper

APIs basically become a sort of ‘Digital Wrapper’ that empowers the integration of the present banks to require, giving the fundamental intelligence layer among new and existing IT. In basic terms, APIs enable applications to converse with one another and share information. Utilizing APIs, banks can rapidly plug and unplug applications, information sources and devices into their developing application systems. Thus, banks can drive innovation at speed and contend even more successfully.

A significant advantage in using APIs is that consumer of the information need just interface with the API itself; they don’t have to see how to associate with the basic heritage framework or information source. Just as giving more prominent agility, this likewise aids saves money with conquering the difficulties related to the developing centralized computer aptitudes deficiency.


Eventually, the Fin-Tech industry must offset its operational requests with the vital need to develop and compete. With an API procedure and AI integration, it’s conceivable to both extend the legacy frameworks while supporting quick digital transformation and to stay aware of the pace of Fin-Tech’s players. The improved abilities and agility empower an entirely different universe of possibilities outcomes for banks to embrace.

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