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If you have a vision, inspiration and a name for your app then all you need is to get into the nitty-gritty details of customizing your app according to your business requirement. This is where the actual hiccups start because the nuts and bolts of production are easier perceived than performed.

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Books are often judged by its cover and even mobile application are no different. So what makes a mobile app stand out and create a wow factor for the users? With such inclination towards mobile apps, it is an untold pressure on both the company heads and mobile

app developers to deliver ‘Best in the market’ apps for their users. So, let’s consider 10 things that should be considered while customizing a mobile app. There are other things that are important as well, but these 10 points are a must, so let’s get into the points.

10 Things you MUST consider before choosing your own customized Mobile App


1. Concoct your brand design

Aim for instant recognition rather than showing off multiple designs. It should stand out to get everyone’s attention instantly. The first screen should consist of your brand name and tagline which can easily catch the attention of the user. It should be crisp with a minimalistic design. This ensures that your app is coherent with the design elements, the buttons and the links that you provide are in line with the web layout.

2. Clarity should precede your design

The menus and related options should be simple and easy to understand even for a first-time user. If there are multiple icons with different functions then those functions should give out a clear message. This adds brevity and conciseness to your app. For instance here are a few points that need to know about

  • Terms & Conditions
  • Usage

When you are showcasing your features, your user should feel rewarded by both tangible or intangible values that have been added by the app

3. A/B Testing-  A prime cog in the wheel

If you want your app to be up and running smoothly then you must get it A/B tested and designed that would make users have a good experience while using your app. The easy way to A/B test your app is to:

  • Have your team interact with the app for 3-7 days before the launch of the app.
  • Make observations about which options work best, what buttons are redundant, which elements are working fine and whether the animation selected are better suited or not etc.
  • Do micro testing by creating A/B Landing Page, then send traffic to test your pages and finally analyze your results.

4. Choose a prudent platform

Launching your app on both Android and iOS may not seem like a fairly good idea. So what you should do is choose one platform as your launchpad. This cuts down on your development time, costing and quickens your entry to the App Store and helps you rethink on your timeline and priorities. But if you want to go for cross-platform for more visibility, then it is essential that you adjust your app design as per different platforms and the OS.

5. Identify your target audience

Identifying your audience in the initial stages makes it easy to plan the design and customize according to the user’s preferences. To have a constant inflow of audience, your app should be easier, give valuable information, save money and be entertaining as well. Perhaps a survey would help you get you into making your app an incredible experience for your users.

6. Find your users by planning acquisition campaigns

There are two types of acquisitions, paid and organic user acquisition.

Paid user acquisition – Facebook is a great platform as it is the most used online channel. Apart from this, you should also use search engine marketing and mobile ad platforms for paid acquisition.

Organic acquisition – App Store Optimization (ASO) is something you need to work on. This is because 63% of downloads come from general browsing in the App Store.

7. The need for speed

Whether it is loading, downloading or accessing your page, make sure that your app responds quickly back to your user because they expect their phones to respond quickly to their interaction.

But we know that this is not realistic as there are certain interactions that take a longer time. So let us see how we can deal with this?

You can respond to your user’s action (swipe, tap or click) with an animation. This makes the user feel that they have been acknowledged their requirement is in the process of being executed.

Using a moving symbol like a glow, slide or bounce whenever a user refreshes a page shows the user that your app is working.

8. Give a sense of ownership to your users

Giving a sense of ownership to your users makes them feel welcomed and acknowledged. Customize and flex your app to some extent according to their taste. This includes being the app colour, fonts, and most importantly, the privacy settings (for social apps).

Following important points to be considered while making a user-friendly app:

Make your app compelling but ensure that it does not overwhelm the usefulness of the application.

Change the skin, colour and different parts of the application depending on what kind of app it is.

Have an exit option as users don’t like it when an app runs in the background and consumes RAM.

9. Integrate your app with social media

It is true that social influence has overtaken the brand value. So, to make your app engaging and self-sustaining then integrating major social media sites into your app is a must. This helps your app users to suggest/share their accomplishments on the app to their loved ones on a prevalent stage. This way, it gives you a greater scope to reach out to a bigger audience.

10. Get your App analysed by a third party

To give an unbiased analysis and review of your app, get it reviewed by a few third-party users who know very little about your app. When you get it reviewed by users with different mindsets, it gives you a better perspective and clarity about App.

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