Alert! Think once again, really need to Revamp Website

When you are responsible for your company’s marketing or online presence, then the thought has to redesign your website might have crossed your mind. And this thought might just be the change you need and revamping might help bolster your efforts. We decided to revamp websites when we were not getting enough leads, or it may be outdated and doesn’t match our branding, or it’s generating leads, but not the right leads and not quickly enough.

Things to consider before revamping a website

A website redesign is indeed a big decision and project irrespective of the size of your organization especially if you want to do it correctly. Therefore just cutting corners may result in a less than perfect end-product, that may do more harm than good to your marketing and sales efforts. It requires proper planning, research, and a little foresight to make your next redesign a huge success, and less stressful. That’s exactly why we have compiled a 10-step website redesign checklist to help upscale your organization and give a digital facelift.

revamp website

1. Audience and Accessibility

There is an 80% chance that you’re redesigning for your audience and give them a fresh look and feel of the website. That’s why it is important to see things from your user’s perspective. Ultimately, the new theme/design must be convenient and accessible to your audience.

2. Purpose of the website

The audience and the purpose of the website have to be balanced. You need to understand what purpose does the website services, what message do the images conveyor what is the identity of your website. Redesigning could risk changing the purpose website, therefore, you keep the core of the website intact and make changes around it.

3. Content Management

Organize the contents of your website by removing any irrelevant information and adding only what is important. Moreover, it is equally important to keep the content simple and use SEO words that may lead the users to your website.

4. Navigation

When you redesign the framework of your website, by default even the navigation gets revamped. The navigation should be left alone because changing the navigation could cause a lot of confusion for users who have viewed/are still viewing your website. Perhaps a quick tutorial would do the trick.

5. Marketing/Publicity

While revamping your website, avoid changing the URL/Domain name as this will confuse the viewers and it might further lead to a decrease in viewership. Furthermore, take note that the new design will be viewed through your users’ mobiles, iPods, tablets, androids, etc as they all have different features.

6. Small Competition/Inspiration

This probably shouldn’t be the reason to revamp your website. There’s nothing particularly wrong with a little competitiveness, therefore, overdoing it would be a bad idea. By visiting other websites you may get some insights on what you really want to add in your site’s new design.

7. Scalability

Scalability should be checked and you need to doubly sure that your website is still functional after you redesign it. When you are expanding your website, it must be convenient and progressive. Even the users have to be aware of the expansion, or else it will be ineffectual. Also, note that the speed and responsiveness should either increase or remain intact

8. Timeline

It is very important to measure the timelines in which the website will be revamped and made a life for the users else the viewers might lose interest or worse they might switch loyalties. In order to keep the loyalty intact, the users should be informed of how long the redesign will take. More importantly, the results should be irresistible and highly commendable.

9. Budget/Resources

Keep a tab on the budget and resources. You need to consider if the amount of resources you have is sufficient. You need to keep in mind that you there is a cost involved even in revamping the site and make sure you add your signature style to it rather than duplicating someone else’s work.

10. Web Editing Capability

This factor though added in the end holds a lot of value above the rest when it comes to redesigning. You need to find out how capable your web editor is. No matter how good your design plan maybe but the impressiveness and magnitude come only from the skills of your web editor.

Redesigning a website can undoubtedly boost conversions and sales when it is done correctly. Brainstorm the ideas around data, current trends in web traffic, conversion rates, bounce rates, time on page, and other metrics. Only then apply to revamp website and make it a wow factor with your new design.

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