4 Quick features For School Management System

The education industry is one of the active professions which includes various activities whether it is the admission procedure, tutoring plan, exams, certification or cultural activities, that only the tip of the iceberg. All activities collectively generate quantum of gigantic information and data. The Manual procedures for doing these activities require additional time and resources and it also inclined to human error and information duplication. This is the point where the school management system comes into a light.

Features of School Management system

The School management system has been designed to streamlines the information among all procedures inside the boundaries and controls the associations with outside partners. These arrangements are additionally intended to broaden the transparency of institutional policies and faster the preparing of reports for each stakeholder like students, staff, teachers, guardians, alumni, and other related people.

1. Enterprise Resource Management

In the education industry, an ERP accompanies automation and reconciliation of both academic and administrative functions. For an educational organisation, the ERP stage comes as an exhaustive suite of application which can automate every activity of a school right directing the student admission, dealing with their admission, fees and assessment, employee payroll and their recruitment and much more. In short, ERP furnishes schools with a sufficient number of decisions to streamline their education institute and related activities.

2. Mobile application

In spite of the fact that the education industry leads to technology improvement, but the execution of technology for the improvement of an educational institution is still inactive. A large portion of the educational institutions still depends on paperwork, even in this digital era.

Education Institutions, need to configure the mobile application with institution to look shrewd as well as to really act savvy. Mobile applications lead to a better, less expensive and quicker correspondence and transaction enablement. Mobile applications empower personalised and customized learning, content delivery, appraisal and input, improving the nature of learning, and so on.

3. Customer Relationship Management

Millions of students graduate from high school each year. Many start their school or professional school search months, or even years, ahead of time. So, with the growing competition in the education field, it’s essential to capture, track and nurture these potential students into members of your academic community. Walkter Beacon lab’s CRM software for education organisation is here to help.

A CRM is not simply important with regards to managing communications with potential students, however, an adaptable CRM framework like the one from walkter beacon lab designed, which additionally enables education organizations to follow and customize contacts with current students, alumni and donors. Our multi-capacity CRM programming likewise helps admin in dealing with all parts of their organisation, from admission and fee payment to the booking of courses.

4. Human Resource management

Human Resource Management is Heart of any educational organisation and it includes so many activities other than just appointing and terminating staff. Our Human resource management system precisely focused on the recruitment, direction, and administration of human assets along with making the premeditated procedure for the future. Along with this, our software is designed to provide complete information and support to the administration as well as the employees for any queries or updates. The HRMS helps the institution to restructure and simplify employee information over a server. Initiating from the recruitment of an employee, the institution records all data and stores it either manually or creates innumerable files will be easily accessible.


In the period of digitalization, it is demanded to be updated with technologies that streamline day to day activities. Walkter Beacon Lab’s school management system gives a technological balance to the school management in making things exceptionally productive and result-oriented. Our development team continues researching and re-structuring the product to make it increasingly proficient with key features

1. School Administrative

2. Finance Management

3. Library Management

4. Report/scholarship Management

5. HR and Payroll Management

6. Parental Portal

7. Examination Management system

8. School Transportation Management

9. Hostel Management

10. Student Attendance management

Comment down and let us know your requirement on the way of digitization, Walkter beacon lab is always there to assist you.


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