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Top 5 techniques for the better user experience(UX)

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Unlike running a brick-and-mortar store, you want to know which aisles attract the most customers, which shelf heights move the most products, and what type of commercial displays convince customers to convert. For online businesses, whether it is B2B, B2C, e-commerce or service-oriented user experience testing helps identify areas of weakness and improve upon them. Therefore user experience testing can be defined as a process of testing different aspects of user experience to understand and determine the best way for a website and its elements to interact with its audience.

Top 5 techniques for better user experience

To give the best customer increase and increase sales, one needs to fulfil each user’s needs. We need clear navigation, easy access to product information, easy checkout processes, trust symbols and social proof.

Technique Number 1 – Card Sorting

In order to determine whether your Information Architecture (IA) is heading in the right direction or to examine IA for new products, Card sorting is a great way to do that. This technique was originally used in psychological research even before UX research was “IN”. It’s a very inexpensive form of research, particularly when done face-to-face. It’s a very easy technique for both users and clients to understand and get validation for ideas in a UX project in its early stages.

Technique Number 2 – The Expert Review

An expert review involves a single “expert” running through a product via the User Interface (UI) and doing a quality check on the design, accessibility, and usability of the product. This does not require any fixed process to follow and the expert review may vary from professional-to-professional as well from product-to-product. When the reviewer comes with more expertise and experience about the usability and UX design, their inputs are helping with high regard and value. This is a commendable way to review as it informs further UX research and cautions them to take an expert review at face value without further user testing.

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Technique Number 3 – Eye Movement Tracking

One gets a better preview and review when you know where your users are looking when they’re using your system. It helps with UI design and knowing how to prioritize or change certain kinds of content. The reason why is Eye Movement Tracking a Good Technique is that technology is advanced enough and eye movement tracking systems are no longer bulky and invasive and they do not interfere with the results of usability tests. It’s cost-effective and the technology is now reliable enough for results to be easy to reproduce and for researchers to be able to rely on the outputs.

Technique Number 4 – Field Studies

This is a broad spectrum where a no of techniques come under. It’s about going out and observing users “in the wild” so that you can measure the behaviour and check where a product can actually be used. This technique includes; ethnographic research, interviews and observations, plus contextual enquiry. There cannot be a better and stronger form of research than observing users as they use your product. If conducted well, the outputs of field studies provide the deepest insights into user issues and how they might be solved.

Technique Number 5 – Usability Testing

Last but not least, usability testing is a firm favourite that has a long and prestigious history in UX research. Usability testing is nothing but the observation of users trying to carry out tasks with a product. The focus could be on a single processor be on a wider range. Usability tests produce certain results that lead to a certain action. Although it may seem hard for people to contradict decisions based on these tests; you can bring clients into usability testing as observers. This increases the enthusiasm for such testing and shows clearly why such testing adds value.

Walkter Beacon Lab works on these techniques for better user experience. Now it’s your turn to consider these techniques and please do comment if you find what other things a UX should take into account? You are also most welcome to our page and can share your experience of making a better user experience.

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