Who We Are

We are engineers, designers, thinkers and creator of Walkter Beacon Lab. We work smart and party hard.

Walkter Beacon Lab is a leading information technology consulting, services, research, and business process firm. Our point of convergence on customer satisfaction has been the key differentiator for our business. We are in pursuit of enabling our clients with the highest quality of products and our judicious nature and creativity ensure we keep discovering advanced methodologies in tackling new challenges.


Walkter Beacon lab’s amalgamation of several activities like client’s business processes, culture, vision, and goals across the industry segments by providing state of the art solutions to businesses spreading across different industries and domains. This important process of innovation in Application of information technologies that we cater to helps in augmenting & enhancing globalization, as well as changing our lifestyle. In this tech-savvy world, our impeccable and exquisite team is designing solutions to help businesses, small & large, reach great heights of success.

Our Story

We are based out of Bengaluru, We are a fast moving & agile organization, striving to help our clients worldwide deliver their vision to their numerous customers effortlessly. We design & structure the product and service as per our client’s needs. Our clientele is very diverse varying from startups to large scale businesses. To sum it all up, we deliver a wide variety of comprehensive end-to-end services that combine power, performance, and accuracy.

Our Background

Our engineers have worked on some of the complex problems faced by our clients. Our core business is Information technology consulting, services, research, and business process firm which are a benchmark in the industry providing world-class products and services to satisfied customers through uninterrupted improvement driven by the integrity, synergy, and creativity of our team. We have worked in different sectors like chemical software’s; some of the largest diversified hospitality, Retail, B2C applications the list goes on.

Oh yeah, we are the brain behind.
Walkter Social App.

Walkter is a social mobile app which enables people to discover new places and travel across the globe enriching them with experience and loads of memories.

We are recruitingSend out

We are pacing up the industry ladder and definitely looking out for seasoned and passionate professionals to join our ever-increasing pool of positions in Technology, Management and Science, the list is endless. Email your resumes to careers@walkterbeaconlab.com

Our Awesome Team

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